Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: 2023-2028

Our five-year vision is to be one of the best providers and a recognized leader of highly innovative, high-impact educational practices and programs for children and teens with learning differences and developmental disabilities.

A strategic plan is vital for The Briarwood School’s success. In 2023, we engaged stakeholders to create a plan focusing on fortifying our foundation and fostering innovation. This plan establishes eight cultural pillars to guide our operations and reaffirms our commitment to empowering students with learning differences to reach their full potential.

Focus Areas

Action Plan Focus Areas

The four main focus areas outlined in the plan represent the objectives and initiatives at The Briarwood School. Over the next five years, our school will prioritize action in these areas:

External Relations

To effectively communicate and collaborate with professionals who refer prospective students and serve current families, prospective families, alumni, potential participants in future programs, this also includes prospective faculty/staff, donors, and various other external audiences.

Parent and Family Engagement

To establish strong and productive partnerships with parents and families, fostering open and transparent communication to ensure that parents and families are actively engaged in the educational process and well-informed about their children’s progress and our initiatives. 

Physical Space

We will effectively create spaces to serve current students, building-users, and the future of the schools.

Briarwood and Tuttle Programming

We will undergo changes in programming designed to align with our expertise, ensuring increased effectiveness in delivering individualized attention and improved educational outcomes for every student.