The Athletics Department provides Middle and Upper School students the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sports.

Our Sports

Fall Sports

  • Cross Country 9th-12th (co-ed)
  • Flag Football 7th-12th (boys)
  • Volleyball 7th-12th (girls)

9th-12th grade students may participate in two fall sports.

Winter Sports

  • Basketball 7th-12th
  • Soccer 7th-12th (co-ed)
  • Swimming 7th-12th

7th-12th grade students may participate in swimming and one other sport. 

Spring Sports

  • Tennis 7th-12th
  • Track 7th-12th
  • Golf 9th-12th

7th-12th grade students may participate in one spring sport.

Our students learn to honor the game. Win or lose, the ability to participate is a privilege. Just as we teach to the whole child in the classroom, our coaches are models and teachers of the athlete on the court and field. Along with skills and rules, the athletic department endorses sportsmanship, education, dependability and commitment to the team and all competitors.

Program Advantage
Athletes compete with other private schools in the region, giving Briarwood students the opportunity to compete with their peers, build confidence, and improve their athletic skills.
With Briarwood coaches as teachers, they are able to know their athletes in and out of the classroom.

Benefits of Athletics

  • Improves motor skills and overall fitness
  • Works to build a positive self-image, confidence, and responsibility
  • Encourages teamwork, leadership, and promotes long-lasting friendships
  • Fosters team work and skill-building in a safe environment