The Briarwood School is the premier school in Houston for students with diagnosed learning differences, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and/or ADHD.



Our mission at Briarwood is to empower students with diagnosed learning differences to reach their maximum potential through diagnostic-prescriptive instruction in a structured academic environment.

“Every child can learn and has the right to be taught in the way that he or she learns best.”

Why Briarwood?

At Briarwood we start our journey by identifying how your child learns best. Through intensive instruction, we strive to remediate weaknesses while teaching to each child’s strengths. This approach leads to stronger academic skills and increased self esteem.

The Briarwood Advantage
We provide proven remediation and support for students with diagnosed learning differences while fostering talents, strengths, and opportunities in and outside of the classroom.
We emphasize language, reading, fluency, comprehension, time-management, and organizational skills through evidence-based, specialized programs.
We ensure individualized instruction and active participation through small class sizes.
We provide a guidance program to assist each graduate with his or her post-high school years.
We provide opportunities for professional development for faculty, staff, and outreach to the professional community.
We maintain two full-time Licensed Professional Counselors.


News & Events

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A Day to Remember: Dr. Temple Grandin's Visit to The Briarwood School
A Day to Remember: Dr. Temple Grandin's Visit to Briarwood School
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