A Day to Remember: Dr. Temple Grandin's Visit to The Briarwood School

HOUSTON (December 15, 2023): “The world needs all types of minds.”

As you enter some of the classrooms at The Briarwood and Tuttle Schools, you’ll find quotes from Dr. Temple Grandin. On Thursday, December 14, The Briarwood School had the honor of hosting Dr. Grandin, a world-renowned expert in autism and animal behavior, on our campus. After visiting The Brookwood Community, Head of School David Mendlewski received a call that Dr. Grandin would be visiting our school shortly. The campus was filled with excitement to meet her. During her visit, she toured various classes, including Makerspace, a class dedicated to teaching students STEAM education. Her visit was a memorable and enlightening experience, leaving a lasting impact on our students, faculty, and staff.

Dr. Grandin’s journey and remarkable contributions to understanding autism resonate closely with our school’s mission of empowering students with diagnosed learning differences to reach their maximum potential through diagnostic-prescriptive instruction in a structured academic environment. During her visit, Dr. Grandin engaged in dialogues about our curriculum with faculty members, offering her unique perspective and validating our mission to provide a traditional school experience for students who learn in various non-traditional ways.

Dr. Grandin’s visit to Briarwood presented an opportunity for us to gain valuable insights from a distinguished expert and for our students to be motivated by a figure who has surmounted obstacles and made several noteworthy contributions to diverse fields.

We are deeply grateful to Dr. Grandin for sharing her time and wisdom.

Media Contact: Beth Anchondo,