Making History Come to Life! Exploring the Oregon Trail with Coach Gore

At Briarwood, we offer many opportunities for professional development to our faculty and staff. This journey involves attending engaging webinars, exciting conferences, and visiting nearby schools for insightful presentations.

The Briarwood School has been fortunate enough to receive an incredible opportunity to expand professional development in a more immersive manner, thanks to a generous grant from The Henry Bean Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship offers teachers the chance to select a topic or destination they are passionate about, explore it thoroughly, and integrate their learnings into the classroom. Coach Gore has been teaching History at Briarwood for the last 22 years. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and she jumped at this opportunity without any hesitation.

During the summer of 2022, Gore embarked on a ten-day expedition to explore the Oregon Trail. Her journey began in Independence, Missouri, and continued through the western part of the United States, zigzagging along the trail until she reached Oregon City, Oregon. She covered a total distance of 1,841 miles and enjoyed every moment of her trip.

Throughout her journey, Coach Gore captured and shared her experiences on both Facebook and Instagram. By doing so, she was able to keep her students and followers fully immersed in the adventure she was on. Today, she is using her photos and videos in her middle school History classes to expand her students’ understanding of what the early settlers experienced and to bring history to life. Coach Gore is grateful for the opportunity she had and was touched by the love and support she received during her journey.