Extra Curricular Activities



Briarwood has an active after school athletic program.  There are no tryouts.  Students who will commit to attending practices and following the rules of the program will be a part of the team.

Our students learn to honor the game.  Win or lose, the ability to participate is a privilege.  Just as we teach to the whole child in the classroom, our coaches are models and teachers of the whole player on the court and the field. Along with skills and rules, the athletic department endorses sportsmanship, dedication, dependability, and commitment to the team and all competitions.


Briarwood coaches are also classroom teachers.  Therefore, the mission of the school is easily incorporated into our approach to each sport.  Teaching the skills of the sport and the rules of the game is an ongoing objective since we are teaching the game to some of our athletes for the first time.  We also see that this continuous process allows our teams, as well as individual students, to bring to each game, both a better understanding of the game and a sense of fair play.




Fall Sports (Season runs from August – October)

  • Cross Country / Grades 9 – 12 / Co-ed
  • Flag Football / Grades 7 – 12 / Boys
  • Volleyball / Grades 7 – 12 / Girls

Winter Sports (Season runs from October – February)

  • Basketball / Grades 7 – 12 / Boys teams and Girls teams
  • Soccer / Grades 7 – 12 / Co-ed teams

Spring Sports (Season runs from February – April)

  • Golf / Grades 9 – 12 / Co-ed
  • Track / Grades 6– 12 / Co-ed
  • Tennis / Grades 7 – 12 / Co-ed

Drama Department


The Drama Department presents a fall and a spring production each school year.  Students in grades 9 – 12 may audition for parts in the play or be part of the technical crew and work behind the scenes.