Middle-Upper School

Middle-Upper School Overview

The Middle-Upper School at Briarwood is geared toward the student who has average to above average intellectual ability and a diagnosed learning difference/disability. We serve students in grades 7 – 12.  The focus at Briarwood is on the academic needs of each child.

The Middle Upper School (7th-12th) at Briarwood excels in providing a traditional secondary educational experience to non-traditional learners. The students who will be successful with us have an average to above average IQ and a diagnosed learning disability.


The Program

The curricula for the Middle-Upper School provide remedial, basic, and college preparatory academic programs. All courses are continually re-evaluated; the instructional approach evolves in conjunction with the progress and needs of each student. The Briarwood School utilizes only research-based programs.

Students receive a traditional middle and high school experience, complete with athletics, Student Council, yearbook, home economics, and theatre productions. After graduating from Briarwood, most students go to college or another academic post high school experience.


How We Do It

The Diagnostic-Prescriptive Approach

The Briarwood Program is designed to teach grade level concepts in each course while addressing the learning differences of each student. The psycho-educational evaluation received during the application process is key to the diagnostic-prescriptive approach, the cornerstone of our approach to education. Teachers are given the responsibility of identifying the needs of each individual student so that appropriate teaching methods are put in place for optimum remediation. Teacher observation, parent conferences, and contact with professionals involved in the student’s life also become a part of the approach. Learning differences are addressed in various ways:

  • Accommodations and/or modifications are provided
  • Instructional methods (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) are targeted
  • Compensatory techniques and self-advocacy skills are taught

Middle-Upper Contacts:

Carole Wills
Middle Upper Administrator
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 118


Amanda O’Neil
Middle Upper Assistant Head
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 154

Toni LaZurs
Middle Upper School Counselor
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 126

Judie Shelhamer
Middle Upper Registrar
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 116

Vicky Moscoso
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 125


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