Lower School

Lower School Overview

The Lower School at Briarwood is structured to meet the needs of the student with a diagnosed learning difference/disability who has not reached his/her academic potential in traditional school environments. This student has average to above average intellectual ability and a diagnosed learning difference.  The chronological age of our Lower School population is five years through thirteen years (grades K through Grade 6).

The Program



Students are assigned to a homeroom teacher in groups of 10 or fewer according to appropriate social and chronological age levels. This allows for social interaction needed at each grade level. Academic groups are formed according to the child’s needs, strengths and weaknesses, allowing for each child to be met at his/her current academic level. Resource teachers provide additional classes in math, phonics, reading, and remedial language, allowing for even smaller academic group numbers. The Briarwood School utilizes only research-based programs as a part of the curriculum.


How We Do It

The Diagnostic-Prescriptive Approach

The Briarwood Program is designed to instruct while addressing the learning differences of each student. The psycho-educational evaluation received during the application process, along with its diagnoses and recommendations, enables teachers to apply the diagnostic-prescriptive approach. Learning differences are addressed in various ways:

  • Accommodations and/or modifications are provided
  • Instructional methods (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) are targeted
  • Compensatory techniques and self-advocacy skills are taught

The Briarwood Approach

  • A place where it is okay to make mistakes
  • Positive reinforcement is the rule
  • Children are challenged to stretch academically
  • Success is built into every lesson
  • A structured, safe place
  • A CAN-DO attitude is directly taught

A CAN-DO attitude is directly taught.

Lower School Contacts:

Lisa Landi
Lower School Head of School
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 276

Emma le Comte
Assistant Head of Lower School
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 150

Jill Wiseman
Lower School Counselor
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 141

Jenni Ferreira
Lower School Administrative Assistant
(281) 493-2494 Ext. 115

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